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SKILLZ - patented trademark

SKILLZ is a patented trademark on the market since 2010. Provides services in the field of space rental by the hour.
As personal branding is currently gaining popularity and the market is witnessing the emergence of solo entrepreneurs
working with groups of people in various formats, the need for spaces for such activities is growing.

SKILLZ is a unique format that is perfect for expansion

Our company offers modern facilities for various activities at affordable prices for long term and hourly rentals.
Reservations are made via a mobile app in just a couple of minutes and access to the premises is via e-locks.
Security cameras on the premises ensure safety.

SKILLZ is a unique format that is perfect for expansion
It’s not just a space for rent, it’s a completely new format that has no analogue in the world.

The business model is successful because it combines three important factors:

1. The extensive training and support for the renter, accumulated over 20 years of experience.
2. Passive advertising and assistance in attracting clients to fill the groups
3. Modern spaces and rental system

This model let solo entrepreneur concentrate on they craft and get the most from they job – they sign long term
rent contracts. So income comes from three sources: 1. long term rentals 2. short term rentals via app 3. weekends event
rentals. After the investment to the interior renovation and equipment we average get 20-30% yearly interest.

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